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A shy but horny Arab woman from the Khalij wearing nothing but a see-through nighty and a g-string under it does a very sexy belly/dirty dance for her husband in their home.

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If you have never seen a sexy Arab woman perform a belly dance then you have been missing a lot: It is the single most erotic dance ever created!
The BBW in this clip takes it a step beyond erotic by doing a NUDE belly dance to the tunes of Arabic music… Nice!

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This is a 12 minutes Arab sex 3GP vidio of a housewife called Rasha (Probably From Egypt) performing a sexy belly dance for her husband to get him in the mood.
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A hot Egyptian MILF is belly dancing to the tune of Arabic music wearing nothing but a see through underwear.
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Sexy Arabic Dance
An Arab woman in g-string performs a very sexy dance to the sound of Arabic music. She doesn’t mind showing her round ass but still hides her face behind a nikab (hijab).

Hot BellyDance
A sexy Egyptian babe wearing only a bikini is performing a hot belly dance to the sound of Arabic music.

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A wife from Morocco dressed in tiny red dress does a sexy belly dance to the sound of Arabic music.
She has a real talent for shaking her round ass and big tits.

Arabic Belly Dance
A mature MILF from Marocco giving a teasing hot belly dance to the sound of Arabic music wearing a flimsy red tiny dress.

Arabic Belly Dance
Although this is a non nude 3GP, it does show just how sexy Arab belly dancing is and how horny one gets watching this Egyptian woman move her hot body like that.

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A hot Arabian house wife does a sexy belly dance wearing a see through dress showing her naked ass covered by a tiny g-string.

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Some Arab guys get sexy nude belly dancing shows while having a bath it seems. How lucky is that? LOL

Arabian Belly Dance
Sexy Arabian woman dressed in a bikini doing some sensual belly dancing.